Don’t be messy with your case by ignoring Household Services

We have all heard Benjamin Franklin’s famous saying: “Time is Money”.  However, when it comes to calculating economic damages, usually people tend to think of only income and benefits as having value.  The time one spends providing services for their household can often be overlooked, specifically in injuries that result in death. Each member of a household […]
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How the Coronavirus Will Affect Economic Damages

The COVD-19 virus is a pandemic unlike anything most of us have ever experienced.  As the United States appears to be on the downward trajectory of new cases reported, the aftermath of this virus will continue for months, or more likely, years. There have already been a significant number of lawsuits filed.  There are a number of […]
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Economic Damages for Undocumented Workers

With the recent election results dominating headlines everywhere, many are anticipating swift and dramatic changes in various sectors of U.S. policy. One such area garnering attention is immigration. California has the highest number of undocumented workers in the country. It will be interesting to see how the new policies will affect  undocumented workers when filing […]
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Data Breaches and Cyber Liability Assessment

Today, technological advances are made seemingly daily and institutions large and small from governments and Fortune 500 Companies to mom and pop shops are becoming increasingly reliant on technology and in turn increasingly vulnerable.  The biggest appeal of technology is that it can make business far more efficient and reduce costs.  However, as economists, we […]
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economic damages

When Pain & Suffering is Taken out of the Equation

In many cases, pain and suffering, which is considered non-economic damages, is a significant portion of the total damages. For example, the case of Russell Sheaffer vs. NuCO2* was one where the Plaintiff suffered personal injuries as a result of a motor vehicle incident. In June of 2015, the Plaintiff was awarded over $17 million in damages. […]
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Expert Economist vs No Economist

The Cost of Not Hiring an Expert Economist in a Personal Injury Case

There are lawyers that often do not utilize the services of an expert economist, especially when the earnings portion of the case appears cut and dry. Instead, they choose to calculate the damages in-house in the interest of cutting costs. We are going to discuss a hypothetical personal injury case which seems to have a […]
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