Having an economist can help your case in several ways, regardless of whether you are on plaintiff or defense.  Our skilled economists can provide expert advice throughout the litigation process by potentially finding unknown damages, or advising against using certain information/data that we know have little to no economic reasoning and won’t hold up in court.  Expert testimony in court will provide credibility to a judge/jury on the damage components of your case.

Whether we are retained by the plaintiff or defense, our approach and methodology is the same and our unbiased, objective analysis of the details in your case can help you get an understanding of the amount of damages (if any) which will help you in your litigation strategy.  Our expert witness testimony will also benefit you by providing experienced, qualified experts explaining in clear terms to judge and/or jury on how we came to the results we did.

Economists can be retained in various stages of litigation.

If retained at the early phases of litigation, we can help you identify the necessary documents that need to be subpoenaed for the damages portion of your case.  If you feel your case is likely to settle, we can prepare a mediation/settlement report to use as a valuable tool during negotiations.  If you feel your case is unlikely to settle and is destined for court, our experts will provide clear and easy to understand court testimony based off our findings.

Once the retainer agreement is signed, we will provide you with a detailed request for documents.  Upon receiving necessary documents, we will begin preparing our economic valuation report.

We will be in constant contact and will be communicating with you throughout the process, with detailed and transparent updates along the way.

Absolutely.  Our expert economists can provide valuable advice as a consultant by reviewing opposing counsel’s economic reports, helping you prepare questions to ask opposing counsel’s economists at deposition or trial testimony.