Interest Rates and Why They Matter

A fair-share of attorneys have told us that they went to law school to avoid doing math. While calculus and linear algebra are not important in securing a winning verdict, a basic understanding of interest rates and present value is crucial for all attorneys to understand. Courts require all future economic damages be discounted to […]
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Determining Personal Consumption

When dealing with a personal injury or medical malpractice matter that results in a wrongful death, it is important to remove the personal consumption of the Decedent when calculating damages.  Indivisible expenses are not to be included as part of the Decedent’s personal consumption at all. When calculating personal consumption, it is important to take […]
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Expert Economist vs No Economist

The Cost of Not Hiring an Expert Economist in a Personal Injury Case

There are lawyers that often do not utilize the services of an expert economist, especially when the earnings portion of the case appears cut and dry. Instead, they choose to calculate the damages in-house in the interest of cutting costs. We are going to discuss a hypothetical personal injury case which seems to have a […]
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